Project Overview

Project Overview

OctoBase's repo is a monorepo, including cargo workspace and pnpm workspace.

You can see the source code directory of all executable programs in the apps folder:

Server program

cloud and keck are our server programs, they are all built based on OctoBase.


The original meaning of Keck is WM Keck Observatory (opens in a new tab), and it was the largest astronomical telescope in the world when it was built.

Keck is the first synchronous server prototype developed by affine. Its first version was written in node.js and then ported to rust. Currently its synchronization logic is abstracted and moved to jwst-rpc, which currently provides high-performance data synchronization service and is compatible with yjs, and a RESTful API that can read and modifies BlockSchema create by AFFiNE/BlockSuite/OctoBase client.



Cloud is a fully functional server of affine-cloud, which provides features including login, user management, collaboration and blob storage.

Cloud server can be used as the backend of AFFiNE and supports a variety of storage backends.



The android and swift folders are the bindings of OctoBase to Android and Swift respectively.

The folders contain corresponding example projects. Users can use kotlin or swift to call OctoBase to read and write data that compatible with AFFiNE/BlockSuite/OctoBase clients.


homepage is OctoBase's home page and documentation, Welcome to GitHub to submit pr to this document (opens in a new tab).